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Hello Friends!

What a Summer it’s been for America!  Not to mention this extraordinary 21st Century on Earth.

As for our tale of Havenwood, I can only reveal that — following a summer of brave adventures, some startling misadventure and plentiful mystery after Trudie Beth McAfee’s precocious encounter with Gabriel White Cloud Walling — the era of her childhood freedom threatened to become an empty memory, as time drew near for. . .  the inevitable — SCHOOL.

Here’s some FUN for you (circa 1946)  🙂  Enjoy! (more…)


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A peek at the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by D.J. Houston

“I had shifted time across a line that wasn’t there, into a place of such enchantment I could only gasp and close my eyes as the feeling of arriving somewhere I had always hoped for, having no idea what I would find, engulfed my world . . .”

The scent of warm bark gripped my nostrils, anchoring me, reminding me to breathe . . .

I gathered up my gumption and with the dauntless faith of youth, strode purposefully across the clearing, assuring myself that a cool drink of water from the pristine creek running back of the cabin should be reason enough to knock on the door for permission.

It was not until I reached the stairs leading up to the porch deck that doubt began to enter my calculations . . .


Excerpts from the coming novel HAVENWOOD Tales Beginnings

Copyright©2006, 2013 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

Paranormal Mystery Story – Native Americans – Inspirations – Secrets of Gifted Children

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