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Excerpts from the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings 

D.J. Houston, Author


I had the most godawful urge to stick my tongue out at spiteful, old Miss Hickey, the Latin teacher. 

Her mission in life since before she was born had apparently been to hate anything and everything new and different; that much seemed obvious. But I’d figured out enough about human nature to know that it probably wasn’t really me she was mad at . . .

I did put an end to her using me for a firing range, though. Daring, considering she had that willow switch hidden under her desk . . .

C L I C K   H E R E

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MANY MIRACLES to you and to all our gifted children coming of age in a new world of friendship and imagination!  May you find every opportunity for freedom and adventure on life’s journey!

THANK YOU to my loyal fans and readers.  The official launch of HAVENWOOD TALES is a much bigger task than I thought!

I wish you much joy and enjoyment from these last, updated excerpts I’ll be sharing with you.

May you ever be SURPRISED 😉

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   Happily Yours,

Author, D.J. Houston

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