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A Note to Fans and Fellow Writers from D.J. Houston, Author of HAVENWOOD TALES

D.J. Houston, AuthorHello, Hello! And HAPPY 2013!

I’ve thought of you — a LOT 🙂 And of what I might share with you next that could be most helpful, as the first month of another new year has flown by and we all go about our busy lives — and I, the busy business of writing.

Shall I share quotes from famous authors to inspire my amazing Writer friends? Or another final draft of another surprise from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings to entertain Trudie’s loyal, loving Fans?

I decided to share this (click title below). I hope it brings you some joy and inspiration. And maybe a little useful life lesson, too 😉

May your fondest dreams come true!

D.J. Houston, Author of Havenwood Tales

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Misty Woods of Havenwood Tales

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From the Mystery Novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by D.J. Houston

Uncle Chester's Guitar - Havenwood TalesDown on the floor, hidden from view by a heavy crocheted tablecloth, I could hear Uncle Arthur and Daddy in the parlor, whooping and slapping their thighs, swapping Irish tall tales and war buddy stories — good for a smile, but nothing I hadn’t heard before. And then somewhere off in a corner, Uncle Chester started picking country tunes on his guitar.  And that was it: I was mesmerized . . .

I couldn’t say how long I stayed there, listening to his music. Or know my life would be forever changed by the experience . . . But there was nothing to do but close my eyes and bow my head to the moment . . .

C L I C K  for  M O R E

Copyright©2010, 2013 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

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