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“I wondered if God might not have gotten sick of watching that blizzard stir up so much trouble down on earth, and decided to just suck up the last of it into the Milky Way . . .”

 HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings  by D. J. Houston

Humorous Irish Blessing from McAfee FamilyMy father’s camaraderie with his able-bodied, Irish-minded brothers was always a source of luck and light to the McAfee clan.

Their jovial triumvirate pulled Daddy out of his pensive moods and raised everyone’s spirits around them; together, they made us all feel more playful and safe. . .

When the three Irish brothers teamed up for a challenge, it was “God between us and all harm.”

Anything was possible . . .


“Life Lessons – Mysteries of Snow”

Lone Oak Winter Dawn - Havenwood TalesCopyright©2007, 2013 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

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~ from HAVENWOOD TALES by D.J. Houston

McAfee Family Coat RackWe were loitering over breakfast, contemplating how to dig out, when a clarion cry of “Man alive!” sounded in the yard.

By the time Daddy and Timmy and I could scramble to the front door, ever optimistic Uncle Arthur was tromping in, stomping his snow-caked boots on the rug and rubbing his hands together like two sticks praying to kindle a bonfire, hollering, “Nothing like a little cold snap to clear a fella’s head!”

Behind him, a deep voice grumbled beneath a bundle of woolen mufflers topped by Uncle Chester’s red nose and a brown leather aviator cap with humongous, sheepskin-lined ear flaps . . .

 C L I C K :  “Valentine for Uncle Chester”

Copyright©2010, 2013 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

Valentine for Uncle ChesterMagical Mystery – Childhood Memories – Inspiring Stories – Heartland America

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