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From the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by Author, D.J. Houston

Poplar Tree Blossom

“Be sure you’re back before suppertime, please, Trudie Beth.”

Mama’s gentle reminder faded behind me into the lines of thirsty sassafras and yellow-blooming poplar trees on the north shore of Silver Bear Lake.

I was off to meet my destiny.

Drawn by the gift of instinct and trails of friendly bellflowers smiling at me from their delicate, bending stems, I trekked waist-deep through a grassy field and found myself in a vast wildflower meadow, spread around me like the fragrance of wonderland . . .



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HI Everybody! SURPRISE!

It’s me, TRUDIE, your HAVENWOOD TALES Narrator character 🙂


B I G  N E W S  — I’M on PINTEREST at http://pinterest.com/trudiehaven/

And it was a BIG DEAL to get there, too!

I confessed to the folks at Pinterest that I live in the 1940s in Heartland America.  I even admitted to being precocious and said I could see the future.  But they said all I needed was a Facebook or Twitter account, and they’d send me an invitation to join.

Simple, right?  So I asked my author — who is (as you probably know) none other than my friend and confidant, D.J. Houston — to sign me up for Facebook BUT


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Inspirations from coming HAVENWOOD Tales Beginnings

by D. J. Houston

For all its endless sunny days and amazing Milky Way nights, the magic of that last abiding summer of my freedom before the era of my schooling years began was too often lost in longing to see Mister Walling.

It was more miles than I could walk in a day to reach his secluded cabin and still make it back home before dark.  But I didn’t dare ask anyone to drive me there…

C L I C K  H E R E  to READ

“Secrets of Gifted Children”

Copyright©2008, 2012 D.J. Houston.  All Rights Reserved.

Mystery Novel – Fantasy Fiction – Life Journey – True Friendship – Coming of Age Story

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Inspirations from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

D.J. Houston, Author

Art supplies kept mysteriously appearing on my table at school . . .

When I wasn’t reading, I was doing chalk or pencil drawings and watercolor paintings of the birds and flowers and forests I knew.

I even made my first attempt to draw the human face — a silhouette profile of Mister Walling, infused with a golden light.

I was adding the finishing touches when I felt Miss Greenlee’s presence arrive behind me like a soft sigh . . .

C L I C K  H E R E  for “Art of Dreamers”

Paranormal Mystery – Inspirations – Adventure – American Literature Treasures

Copyright©2009, 2012 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

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Excerpts from the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings 

D.J. Houston, Author


I had the most godawful urge to stick my tongue out at spiteful, old Miss Hickey, the Latin teacher. 

Her mission in life since before she was born had apparently been to hate anything and everything new and different; that much seemed obvious. But I’d figured out enough about human nature to know that it probably wasn’t really me she was mad at . . .

I did put an end to her using me for a firing range, though. Daring, considering she had that willow switch hidden under her desk . . .

C L I C K   H E R E

Old old booksMystery Story – Coming of Age Story – Fantasy Fiction – American Tall Tales

Copyright©2012, 2014 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

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But let’s talk about chocolate . . .  😉

– by Dark Chocolate Life



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The fact that I learned to sing Christmas carols by first finding out what the words in the lyrics actually meant is why I can still remember them to this day.   And the carols I remember best are the ones we learned in Havenwood School’s Young People’s Christmas Choir, under the able auspices of Miss Lucinda Greenlee . . .

The payoff came one brisk, starry night at the County Christmas Pageant, on the grounds of Old Capital Square . . .

CLICK for  “Humorous Holiday Stories – Christmas Choir Inspirations”

Excerpts from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by D.J. Houston

Copyright©2010, 2012 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

Holiday Stories – Inspirations – Coming of Age – Life Journey – Heartland America

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