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A new peek at the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by Author, D.J. Houston

Continued from Havenwood Tales Surprise – Gabriel White Cloud Walling

 “I like all your names, Mister Walling,” I assured him, and that pleased him very much.

Havenwood Endless SummerThen he told me the story of a loyal Irish setter named Buddy. And how, when he was a boy, Buddy laid down one day and never got up.

He told how his father had lumbered off on a spotted mule with Buddy’s body draped behind him over the mule’s rump.  And for seven years after, a bright orange butterfly flitted and danced above the cornfields where Buddy and he used to race the sun together.

Mister Walling never said life goes on. And all I did was listen . . .



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From the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by Author, D.J. Houston

Poplar Tree Blossom

“Be sure you’re back before suppertime, please, Trudie Beth.”

Mama’s gentle reminder faded behind me into the lines of thirsty sassafras and yellow-blooming poplar trees on the north shore of Silver Bear Lake.

I was off to meet my destiny.

Drawn by the gift of instinct and trails of friendly bellflowers smiling at me from their delicate, bending stems, I trekked waist-deep through a grassy field and found myself in a vast wildflower meadow, spread around me like the fragrance of wonderland . . .


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Magical Mystery from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

by D.J. Houston

As the leaves turned red and gold and brown and covered the ground with Autumn

… it was my whole new world of learning with Miss Greenlee that most absorbed my life that Fall of 1946.

But on long walks home from school alone if Timmy stayed behind to practice baseball, while the fat-cheeked squirrels scurried to store their nuts in hidey-holes for the winter and cattle huddled together in the crisp wind, my thoughts would often turn to Mister Walling.

I still had never spoken of him . . .

CLICK  HERE for Secrets and Miracles

Copyright©2007, 2012 D.J. Houston. All Rights Reserved.

Magical Mystery – Nostalgic Stories – Gifted Children – Coming of Age – American Literature


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HI Everybody! SURPRISE!

It’s me, TRUDIE, your HAVENWOOD TALES Narrator character 🙂


B I G  N E W S  — I’M on PINTEREST at http://pinterest.com/trudiehaven/

And it was a BIG DEAL to get there, too!

I confessed to the folks at Pinterest that I live in the 1940s in Heartland America.  I even admitted to being precocious and said I could see the future.  But they said all I needed was a Facebook or Twitter account, and they’d send me an invitation to join.

Simple, right?  So I asked my author — who is (as you probably know) none other than my friend and confidant, D.J. Houston — to sign me up for Facebook BUT


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Inspirations from coming HAVENWOOD Tales Beginnings

by D. J. Houston

For all its endless sunny days and amazing Milky Way nights, the magic of that last abiding summer of my freedom before the era of my schooling years began was too often lost in longing to see Mister Walling.

It was more miles than I could walk in a day to reach his secluded cabin and still make it back home before dark.  But I didn’t dare ask anyone to drive me there…

C L I C K  H E R E  to READ

“Secrets of Gifted Children”

Copyright©2008, 2012 D.J. Houston.  All Rights Reserved.

Mystery Novel – Fantasy Fiction – Life Journey – True Friendship – Coming of Age Story

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“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” Clarence Budington Kelland


 A Note from Author, D.J. Houston  & MORE 🙂

FATHERS — and our unique experiences and life lessons with them — are as varied as individuals themselves.

My own father’s common sense, persistent work ethic, a calm strength of character and endearing, almost corny sense of humor are traits I treasure and remember him for most.  But when I was a child, he could seem a bit mysterious.

His favorite song was “The Tennessee Waltz,” but I never saw him dancing.  He’d been to college, but never encouraged me to go.  He’d been a soldier, but he wouldn’t talk about the war . . .  


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MANY MIRACLES to you and to all our gifted children coming of age in a new world of friendship and imagination!  May you find every opportunity for freedom and adventure on life’s journey!

THANK YOU to my loyal fans and readers.  The official launch of HAVENWOOD TALES is a much bigger task than I thought!

I wish you much joy and enjoyment from these last, updated excerpts I’ll be sharing with you.

May you ever be SURPRISED 😉

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   Happily Yours,

Author, D.J. Houston

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American Literature Treasures – Miracles – Life Journey – Adventure – Coming of Age

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