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NEW peek at the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings  by D.J. Houston, Author

Katy Winthrop’s Gingerbread Man

Miss Greenlee’s class learned to make Art out of gingerbread men. And not just any old brown paper cut-outs of gingerbread men, but real-cookie keepsake ornaments you could dangle from a Christmas tree!

Using her curvy metal cookie cutter, we molded the figures from sheets of rolled-out gingerbread dough we’d made by ourselves with arithmetic and a recipe.  A loop of fuzzy white pipe cleaner wire was attached to the top of each man’s head for a hook, while the dough was soft.  And then we set our little men aside to dry in the window sills.

We watched the dough harden for three whole days under the frosty window panes before Katy Winthrop couldn’t stand it any longer . . . (more…)


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A Fresh Peek at HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

by D.J. Houston

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Baseball Wisdom . . .

Timmy kept pacing the front yard like a penned up billy goat, clenching his teeth and slamming a battered baseball back and forth with a stinging hand against his old stitched-up catcher’s mitt while he muttered out loud to himself.

He was obviously suffering his own case of walloping doubts about my having to start going to school.

In the first place, it was his school.  And the idea of his naïve, snot-nosed little sister attending that same school would never fit in with his master plan, even if he had one.  But it was the only school around so he had no choice:

It was high time to lay some ground rules . . .

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 D.J. Houston, Author

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Excerpts from the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings 

D.J. Houston, Author


I had the most godawful urge to stick my tongue out at spiteful, old Miss Hickey, the Latin teacher. 

Her mission in life since before she was born had apparently been to hate anything and everything new and different; that much seemed obvious. But I’d figured out enough about human nature to know that it probably wasn’t really me she was mad at . . .

I did put an end to her using me for a firing range, though. Daring, considering she had that willow switch hidden under her desk . . .

C L I C K   H E R E

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A 2-part glimpse at the Dark Side of HAVENWOOD TALES

D.J. Houston, Author


Mother Nature does a lot of things right.  But this was most decidedly not one of them . . .

No sooner had a warm spring wind chased the last traces of snow into the forest floor than a lightning storm whipped up off the Ohio River and rumbled over us, like an irate god, without a drop of rain.

Then the fire broke out at Jasper Peterson’s Salvage Yard, threatening to burn the whole place to the ground and a century of trash and treasure with it . . .

There was no time to brace myself!

C L I C K   H E R E

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The fact that I learned to sing Christmas carols by first finding out what the words in the lyrics actually meant is why I can still remember them to this day.   And the carols I remember best are the ones we learned in Havenwood School’s Young People’s Christmas Choir, under the able auspices of Miss Lucinda Greenlee . . .

The payoff came one brisk, starry night at the County Christmas Pageant, on the grounds of Old Capital Square . . .

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Excerpts from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by D.J. Houston

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“Sprinkled with shadows of leftover leaves in the bare autumn branches that filtered the sunlight above us, we soaked in the splendor of that golden afternoon together. . . “

I hadn’t pictured my mother away from her home and work routines since the factory days of the war.  But this peaceful, natural setting seemed to suit her to her core.

And I realized she’d brought me here for a reason . . .


Excerpts from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

Copyright©2010, 2012 D.J. Houston.  All Rights Reserved.

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Havenwood Halloween Halloween was due on a Thursday . . .

As school was dismissing on Wednesday, Miss Greenlee made another of her famous announcements — only this time with an added caveat that was to change life as I knew it before nightfall the next day.

The innocuous sounding part was, “Anyone who would like to wear a costume to school tomorrow for Halloween may do so.”

That in itself was enough to conjure a roomful of mixed emotions. But the caveat was the kicker.

“You will please design your costume by yourself.”


A peek at HAVENWOOD Tales Beginnings by D.J. Houston

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