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“And as predictable as the cycles of the moon, you felt immensely alive and fortified in his presence, imbued somehow with your own capacity for higher understanding . . .”

Mister Walling was a world of his own.  And he was different from anyone anywhere I’ve been since the days of Havenwood . . .

Truth be told, I rarely ever saw him. It happened in the course of my living that the journey itself would absorb me more than my quest for truth.  And yet Gabriel White Cloud Walling became an indelible part of my life, as necessary as my dreams and the ground I walked on . . .

He never intimated there was anything out of the ordinary about his appearance.  And I really enjoyed looking at him.

His condition seemed so natural, it never occurred to me to ask if there might have been strange circumstances. Or an accident at birth. Or any other meat-brained question I already knew wasn’t the answer.

And because he conducted himself as a quiet and unassuming, good-humored creature and I’d heard no one complain or say he was odd, it seemed to me, initially, that folks around Havenwood had accepted him for the miracle he was—until I realized that he was never spoken of.

Miracle of Spirit

Photocanvas by D.J. Houston

The best I could track, Mister Walling had lived deep in the same patch of woods past the north shore of Silver Bear Lake for well over half a century before I even met him.

He didn’t seem to me to be what folks could call a bona fide recluse; he just preferred to keep to himself, choosing his people and causes of his own accord.

Hindsight might prove that his legacy lived in the stories he shared with a privy few of each new generation. And that those whose lives he touched would know in their hearts that a visit with Mister Walling promised them, if just for a moment, a freedom from the stream of time—something sacred, eternal and true.

“But the reason he seemed so special to me as a child was that whenever you arrived to him, he already knew why you were there.  Whether you knew why or not . . . ”

   Excerpts from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

D.J. Houston, Author

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~ A Valentine Love Note from Trudie McAfee


Winter song

I always did have a soft spot in my heart for Daddy’s older brother, Uncle Chester — especially when he had a hangover after pining for his delicate Rose.

I figured if he was grumbling, it had to be better than singing sad songs to his own guitar all night out on the farm, with nobody to talk to but his flop-earred hound and the howling coyotes . . .

Valentine’s Day was not easy for him that winter of  ’47. But I remember him ever fondly for his heart of gold, despite the grumbling. And his music is still a miracle to me.


Valentine for Uncle Chester


From HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings novel by D.J. Houston

Coming of Age Story – Life Lessons – Miracles – Inspirational Stories – Heartland America

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heart of gold

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Brand new peek at HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

D.J. Houston, Author

There were fourteen of us, the last of Havenwood Township’s Depression-era babies born in a flurry before America’s role in the war was sealed at Pearl Harbor . . .

Out In The Country by Paula Ford

Out In The Country by Paula Ford

And while none of us were the first young minds fresh off the farm to gather there, nor destined to be the last, the question as to how Miss Greenlee could captivate the attention of that motley gang of six and seven-year-old renegades I found myself surrounded by – much less ever teach us the same subject at the same time – might easily beg for a miracle. But two things were certain . . .


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A Note to Fans and Fellow Writers from D.J. Houston, Author of HAVENWOOD TALES

D.J. Houston, AuthorHello, Hello! And HAPPY 2013!

I’ve thought of you — a LOT 🙂 And of what I might share with you next that could be most helpful, as the first month of another new year has flown by and we all go about our busy lives — and I, the busy business of writing.

Shall I share quotes from famous authors to inspire my amazing Writer friends? Or another final draft of another surprise from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings to entertain Trudie’s loyal, loving Fans?

I decided to share this (click title below). I hope it brings you some joy and inspiration. And maybe a little useful life lesson, too 😉

May your fondest dreams come true!

D.J. Houston, Author of Havenwood Tales

CLICK: Mystery Novel Miracles – Life Journey

Misty Woods of Havenwood Tales

Mystery Novel – Paranormal Stories – Life Journey – American Literature Treasures

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Magical Mystery from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

by D.J. Houston

As the leaves turned red and gold and brown and covered the ground with Autumn

… it was my whole new world of learning with Miss Greenlee that most absorbed my life that Fall of 1946.

But on long walks home from school alone if Timmy stayed behind to practice baseball, while the fat-cheeked squirrels scurried to store their nuts in hidey-holes for the winter and cattle huddled together in the crisp wind, my thoughts would often turn to Mister Walling.

I still had never spoken of him . . .

CLICK  HERE for Secrets and Miracles

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“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”  ~  Mark Twain

Portrait courtesy of Dave Thomson

Portrait courtesy of Dave Thomson

For mystery, miracles and memories of MOTHER’S DAY from Havenwood Tales author, D.J. Houston


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MANY MIRACLES to you and to all our gifted children coming of age in a new world of friendship and imagination!  May you find every opportunity for freedom and adventure on life’s journey!

THANK YOU to my loyal fans and readers.  The official launch of HAVENWOOD TALES is a much bigger task than I thought!

I wish you much joy and enjoyment from these last, updated excerpts I’ll be sharing with you.

May you ever be SURPRISED 😉

CLICK  HERE:  “Spring in Heartland America

   Happily Yours,

Author, D.J. Houston

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American Literature Treasures – Miracles – Life Journey – Adventure – Coming of Age

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