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Brand new peek at HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

D.J. Houston, Author

There were fourteen of us, the last of Havenwood Township’s Depression-era babies born in a flurry before America’s role in the war was sealed at Pearl Harbor . . .

Out In The Country by Paula Ford

Out In The Country by Paula Ford

And while none of us were the first young minds fresh off the farm to gather there, nor destined to be the last, the question as to how Miss Greenlee could captivate the attention of that motley gang of six and seven-year-old renegades I found myself surrounded by – much less ever teach us the same subject at the same time – might easily beg for a miracle. But two things were certain . . .



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From the coming novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

D.J. Houston, Author

Paint Brush Dreams

One thing was sure: He was right to defend Miss Greenlee.

I imagined she had her artistic license framed somewhere at home, too, because she let us paint pictures of whatever we wanted. She encouraged us to render our art as we saw fit and never questioned our choices; you could draw conclusions in the dirt and call it art, for all she cared . . .

For those who would squash dreamers and their dreams, God had surely sent Miss Greenlee as the antidote . . .

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NEW peek at the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings  by D.J. Houston, Author

Katy Winthrop’s Gingerbread Man

Miss Greenlee’s class learned to make Art out of gingerbread men. And not just any old brown paper cut-outs of gingerbread men, but real-cookie keepsake ornaments you could dangle from a Christmas tree!

Using her curvy metal cookie cutter, we molded the figures from sheets of rolled-out gingerbread dough we’d made by ourselves with arithmetic and a recipe.  A loop of fuzzy white pipe cleaner wire was attached to the top of each man’s head for a hook, while the dough was soft.  And then we set our little men aside to dry in the window sills.

We watched the dough harden for three whole days under the frosty window panes before Katy Winthrop couldn’t stand it any longer . . . (more…)

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New peeks at HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

by D.J. Houston, Author

This excerpt is CONTINUED from “Humorous Stories – Baseball Rules – American Tall Tales”  – Missed Part I ? – CLICK HERE

I don’t know who the heck Timmy thought he was fooling . . .

Anybody with an ounce of sense and eyes in their head could figure it out. Ever since the preacher’s niece from Poseyville, ten-year-old Josie May Redding, had blinked at him on a hayride, he’d been praying she was a cradle robber.

The last thing he needed was flirty Miss Josie May thinking he was some kind of sissy babysitter for his dumb little sister.


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“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” Clarence Budington Kelland


 A Note from Author, D.J. Houston  & MORE 🙂

FATHERS — and our unique experiences and life lessons with them — are as varied as individuals themselves.

My own father’s common sense, persistent work ethic, a calm strength of character and endearing, almost corny sense of humor are traits I treasure and remember him for most.  But when I was a child, he could seem a bit mysterious.

His favorite song was “The Tennessee Waltz,” but I never saw him dancing.  He’d been to college, but never encouraged me to go.  He’d been a soldier, but he wouldn’t talk about the war . . .  


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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to Moms  Mums  Mamas  Mommies and Mothers everywhere!

- photo by D.J. Houston

– photo by D.J. Houston

How fitting Mother’s Day arrives when Spring is in full bloom!

A very Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Nature, too!


 Havenwood Tales protagonist and narrator, Trudie McAfee, whose stories I write for you, forever celebrates her Mama Birdie and the mothers and grandmothers of her ancestry.

And as always with the Art of Motherhood, Trudie’s mother was her first special teacher.

For always it is true:


“That best academy, a mother’s knee.”

– James Russell Lowell, poet

Mama Birdie McAfee was a great cook, too!

Trudie might say this was true of her:

“A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”

– Tenneva Jordan

But this classic “fond remembrance” reminds Trudie most of Mama:

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” 

–  Mark Twain


We remember and honor our Mothers in countless ways . . .

You may be familiar with time-tested rhymes like this one:

“Nobody knows of the work it makes
To keep the home together.
Nobody knows of the steps it takes,
Nobody knows but Mother.”

– Anonymous


Here’s a fresh, modern look at the ancient wisdom of honoring one’s parents that may be NEW to you:

What a relief it is to know that our lucky children and grandchildren have these common sense inspirations to help guide them through their coming-of-age!

View the entertaining video “Honor and Help Your Parents” from The Way to Happiness book:



To Treasured Friends and Fans:

As I prepare to launch your ultimate gift of HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings – the first novel of the Havenwood Tales series – please know:

Your loyalty, feedback and the fun YOU bring to the party are valued and appreciated more than ever!

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

D.J. Houston, Author of Havenwood Tales

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Inspirations from HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

D.J. Houston, Author

Art supplies kept mysteriously appearing on my table at school . . .

When I wasn’t reading, I was doing chalk or pencil drawings and watercolor paintings of the birds and flowers and forests I knew.

I even made my first attempt to draw the human face — a silhouette profile of Mister Walling, infused with a golden light.

I was adding the finishing touches when I felt Miss Greenlee’s presence arrive behind me like a soft sigh . . .

C L I C K  H E R E  for “Art of Dreamers”

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