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NEW peek at the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings  by D.J. Houston, Author

Katy Winthrop’s Gingerbread Man

Miss Greenlee’s class learned to make Art out of gingerbread men. And not just any old brown paper cut-outs of gingerbread men, but real-cookie keepsake ornaments you could dangle from a Christmas tree!

Using her curvy metal cookie cutter, we molded the figures from sheets of rolled-out gingerbread dough we’d made by ourselves with arithmetic and a recipe.  A loop of fuzzy white pipe cleaner wire was attached to the top of each man’s head for a hook, while the dough was soft.  And then we set our little men aside to dry in the window sills.

We watched the dough harden for three whole days under the frosty window panes before Katy Winthrop couldn’t stand it any longer . . . (more…)


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Havenwood School Holiday Inspirations

If I had to choose just one December for the world, this one would certainly do . . .

Except for the scent of a pine wreath hanging over the radiator, our winter classroom smelled pretty much like wet wool and lunch pails, rubber erasers, finger paints and little boys with dirt behind their ears.

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From the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings by D.J. Houston

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